Happiness 💚

What makes us happy?…

Happiness is relative… Some people are happy with a little, and some are happy with luxurious things…

When I see my son dancing, and laughing makes my heart fill with joy and happiness. 💙

Happiness in a box💙

We have to feel sadness and disappointments before we can value happiness.

Sadness comes from all sorts of things… They can be small or big, everything is different for each and one of us.

Happiness can come from eating chocolate or ice cream 😋, from watching a movie or listening to music.

What we choose and how we choose helps us be happy or sad, no one can guarantee a good results. We just have to take chances and just hope for the best, by falling and going back up we can fight for our happiness.

No one has a “cure” or a perfect formula for happiness, is important to be optimistic and see the good in everything, it is how I am. I do know people that cannot be like that even if they try, my advise is for them just to keep trying and foscus their mind on the happy things that happen in life and try as much as they can to make the bad things smaller and see them as “tools?” that help ro find true happiness.

In the end we remember the things that made us happy.

Do the best💚💙❤️

Looking at my son, that falls asleep with toys, books, even balloons, and the joy I see on his face every time when he is amazed by something new for him and so simple for me. It makes me remember how nice was when my only issue was that I couldn’t wait for the morning to come faster so I can go back at my toys and just have fun with them.

I just want to make the most of my time with my son and to make every moment count.

It just goes so fast, and just hoping to be a good mum, and in the same time I want him to learn how to be kind, and how to be happy and have confidence… Anddd to make him enjoy every little things in life, so when he will be an adult will remember that he had a nice and happy childhood.

To be honest I am looking at the future with a bit of fear, because I know that one day I will not be the most important person in his life, and that’s fine, is just how things have to be, is just that I hope I will know how to cope with all the changes that are meant to happen, and just wish to have the strength and to be clever and to handle different situations as well as I can.

What can I do…

Stay confident and enjoy every moment and try and do my best…

Is all we can do, Do our best. ❤️💚💙

Results after 1st week 💚

Hi guys🤗

After first week of diet I have lost 3kg, because we measure in kg and cm 😁

I can say that I am happy with this and really hope I can keep this diet for the whole month🤗 wish me luck, of course it is not simple and I did started to do some basic Yoga that is really useful because makes me feel relaxed and improves my wellbeing as well as is helping me to loose more weight. 😊

Today is second day from second week, it is the day with chicken or turkey, all without grease or fried, only grilled or in the oven, for my menu I choosed a whole chicken made in the oven.

Willcome back with news.

Take care and stay safe xxx

Day 6 of diet❤️♥️❤️

Hi guys😊

Can I say that yesterday was such a easy day with fish🤗🐠

Just lovely, I have cooked salmon in the oven, and it was delicious 😋 I stayed all day eating 2 meals of salmon and it was enough afor me🤗

Today I have the cereal day and can eat 1 meal cereal and the other 2 with what I want🤗 is the treat day😊

Let’s see tomorrow morning when I check my weight, hope I will be satisfied after this week 🤗

Will let you know tomorrow about today and the results after first week of diet😊

Stay safe and take care xxx♥️

Day 5 of diet 🙉🙈

I am having my dinner now and cannot wait for tomorrow to come😅

Can I say that after a great day yesterday with dairy products, today came a really difficult one… Even though I was sure it will be the same an easy one, it turned out that is not 😅 eating only fruits all day it is difficult, they are sweet and they do not make me feel full, let’s say banana did a bit of the job, other than that that’s it.

I cracked and eat a bit of chicken breast grilled because I was so hungry and had some burning on my throat from the fruits. 🙈🙉

Hope tomorrow will be much better with fish🐟💜❤️💜

Take care and stay safe❤️💜♥️

Day 3 and 4 of diet💚💜💙

Day 3 was alright with only boiled eggs🤗 and I started to drink more water and to do some easy yoga💙

This day seemed to be so much better, probably because I started to get used to eat so much less than before, I had dairy products and I eat most of the day different tipes of cheese, and milk and yogurt 🤗 the same I felt so thirsty all day, maybe because of the salty cheese😅

Feeling lighter already and went to shop and after 30 minutes waiting in the q to get in the shop found everything I needed for this rest of the week and for the next weeks diet, at least for first 3 days🤗💙💜💚

Happy with my commitment, even though it is so difficult when my boy tries to feed me his leftovers, that I used to eat🙄 now I just have to throw them 🙉🙈

Stay safe and take care xxx


Difficult times

We are living difficult times with this covid-19 and the lock down 😕

What I have learnt from this experience so far is that we have to appreciate what we have, food, water, health and everything what we have we shouldn’t take for granted…

We should be more kind and sensible at those ones around us… You never know when you are next, next one sick, next one who needs food and you cannot find it in the shop…

We have to be grateful for the nature, for the trees and for the sun…💚

It is difficult to stay at home, difficult with kid because we get bored, so what can we expect from a baby, a toddler or a kid no matter the age… Who doesn’t understand why he cannot go for walks or in the park…. We are lucky because we do have a garden, but I feel sorry for those ones that live in a flat…

I just can’t wait for all this to be over and life be back to normal hopefully we will remember this times and we will learn how to be more polite and be more kind and specially remember not to take everything for granted…

Stay safe ❤️💚♥️

Day 2 of diet 💜

Yesterday was alright eating only vegetables, today I needed my coffee, I cannot stay witout it and only with tea🙄

Today I had only grilled chicken, not nice, I can say that yesterday with more vegetables to choose from was better than today, at least I know that for next week I am going to buy chicken products but more than what I had today, only chicken breast 😅

Tomorrow is another day❤️

Only boiled eggs, wonder how many I am going to eat? 🤔 Thought about 6,like 2 for each meal… But don2know if it will be enugh…

2 days have gone, 5 to go ❤️

Difficult… However I will update you tomorrow evening xxx

Take care and be safe xxx


How far would you go for someone that you love?

You did a mistake and you lost her, and now the only think that is on your mind is how to get her back?….

I don’t know a lot of mens😅 but what I can say is what me as a woman would want or expect from a man🤔

First of all I do not like the men’s that they look anxious and they look like they would do anything to get a woman back (of course when there are mutual feelings things are different) .. I do not like the ones that if you really want them to just leave you alone, and they won’t😔

I like a man who is acting like a man.

I like it when a man is giving me enough space to miss him, I would probably get bored if he would just “kiss my ass” all the time, is that the way I am😅

I like a man who makes me feel appreciated and who makes me feel safe, and with whom I can speak about everything, and he sometimes makes me laugh… I think it is difficult to find everything that you want in a man, so you have to see the good things that a man can offer you. For me it is difficult, I mean I have a husband whom I really love, and he is so handsome and he makes me feel safe and loved, however 😅, because it is a butt like I say you cannot have them all… Of course we have our arguments and still need attention sometimes, it is difficult staying at home with the kid and the only think that I do is going to university… So not a lot I guess in terms of socialising, then it comes my pressure on my husband, who works night shifts and has university as well…

What can I say just hope to be patient and find myself something to do all the time so I will not feel the emptiness that I feel staying at home… It will take more 2 years, hopefully until I can get a job, so I can socialise and be out there 😅 because I am a person who likes to speak and have friends 💙💚🧡

Buutt in the same time I do need attention and appreciation…

Pfff us, women, who can understand us, not even us, we cannot understand each other 😅

Start Diet💛

First day of diet😅🙉🙈

Just started a 4 weeks diet, let’s see how I am going to do it, it is an easy diet, it is a one week diet with each day eating something else.

Monday: vegetables

Tuesday : chicken or turkey

Wednesday : eggs

Thursday : dairy products

Friday : fish

Saturday : fruits

Sunday: cereals at one meal and the other 2 meals with whatever you want

All the diet must be without snaking, without frying, only fresh, steamed or in the oven without oils.

It is difficult for me because I have to cook for my 2 years old boy and my husband, plus feed my kid snaks as well 😅 I will try to keep this diet for a whole month, don’t know for sure if I am going to keep it, however I am intending to do it 🤗💛 I have 73 kg and I have 1.65cm, hopefully I will loose about 15 kg in a month, they don’t recommend to keep this diet for so long, they recommend to keep it for 2 weeks than take a week at least a break when you can mix your food, but without stepping too far with eating. More, we need to keep eating only what is in the plan for that day and only that.

I will keep you posted on how my journey will be, until now at 10 in the morning, I have had for my breakfast boiled carrot with potato, broccoli and cauliflower just with a bit of salt 😊 it seems alright, butt omg so difficult with sweets and treats just lying around 🤣

We shall see what strenghts I have 😊🤗