Friendship, disappointment and jealousy 💛

Why do we need to be the same as someone else, for example why if X has done or have something, we want it as well, or we want even more than X or Y…. I understand to have “idols or heros” that you wish to follow, but what I do not understand is jealousy…

Sometimes it happens between friends, where it should only be friendship and love between them, not envy… That is happening I guess because it is not true friendship or just because one wants the same or more than the other… Hmmm difficult… Sad in the same time when you see in your “friends” eyes the sadness or how to call it, the disappointment when you tell them your “good news” and you can just feel the “great” that comes out from their mouth and feel it how cold it is and just makes you sad, but thought you do want their friendship, that moments take you away from them…

I just wish the people I am surrounded by to be real and to be honest and just happy for my accomplishments in the same way I am when they have accomplishments of their own♥️

Be kind and have courage 💙❤️♥️

Most of us, girls, live our lifes dreaming about that “prince charming” and hoping that our life will be similar like the ones we read about or watched movies about…. And we keep dreaming until this cruel life wakes up to reality and we are already groun up and what we see and live doesn’t compare with the fairytales that we used to belive in…

This happened to me… Always wanted to meet my “prince charming” , until one day I have finally met him, what no one is telling you about is how the life is after you marry the “prince” the fairytales end after the wedding 😅 That “happy never ending” is not always easy, not always just or even happy.

Buttt don’t get me wrong, we do need fairytales and we do need to belive and dream, is what makes us live and go on. I personally love fairytales because they make me dream and they make me happy, what I take out of them is that we have to be good, we have to be kind and eventually the good will come back to us💙

We have to follow our hearts, they always know, it is like an instict that if we just ignore it it will come back at us, don’t get me wrong, the heart sometimes pushes us into problems and suffering, that’s why we need to think as well😅 so we can make the right choices.

Follow your heart and be courageous do what you love, be happy and be kind and you will see that what you give will come back at you. 💙❤️♥️

Struggle through marriage 💙

Do you believe in destiny? Do you think that everything happens with a reason?

I don’t know what to belive anymore 😅 I still want to hope that everything happens with a reason…. But us, humans always have to choose, what we eat, what we wear, what to say, with whom to meet, what to respect and what not, what to drink and so on…

So one decision takes to another one…

What to do when the person that you love doesn’t seem so interested in you anymore? 🙄 I have tried to speak, I have given him time, and focus on the baby boy we have and different things, but cannot do it anymore😔 I just need him to spend some time with me in this busy and fast life, I want to feel him close to me and I have spoken with him about how I feel and hoped something would change, but unfortunately it didn’t, I want to understand what goes in his mind, what to do and how to go together through this. Nothing seems to work… Honestly don’t know what to do anymore. At this point I am not speaking with him anymore, because I got tired to be ignored😔 of course he is not trying to make me feel better, he continues to ignore me and he wants to show me that he is the one upset… For sure hoping that when I see him upset I will be the one who tries to make amends… He did it in the past many times, and I have fallen for that and he made me feel guilty that I started the tensions by speaking and saying what I miss and what I need, however it is always about him, every time I try to speak and sortthings out, either he ignores me, either he makes the whole discussion about him and his needs…

So I am thinking and asking myself, where I stand?… What did I do wrong… What to do next, and how can I manage to put myself on the first place without needing “approval” or “confirmation” from my husband…

Need to learn how to love myself without seeking for someone else’s love… 💙❤️💙

We all have a story🌍

Just looking at people around me at a coffee shop😊 thinking about my own problems my mind just went wondering about… About people and thinking that we all have a story, we all, each and every one of us are a story… Love, hopes, broken hearts and dreams is all around us, within us. They can write books about us, life stories and I think we all connect and see bits of us in others stories…


Just wondering all the couples out there who have long relationship and kids, how do you maintain your relationship with your husband or partner? Asking for ideas to implement in my life☺️ I am married since 2017, we have a relationship since 2008,when we were both of us young 😉 and now we have a boy who is 2 🤗, we are both students now, me in foundation year just started and my husband last year with his dissertation paper🙈🙉 so busy with work and uni(him) and house and kid and uni (me) and it just seems that we are falling apart and that we just don’t have time for us😕 wondering how long this will last? I am trying to make some nice nights together but he is to stressed, at least is what he is telling me🙄 my problem is that I don’t feel appreciated and cared for like I used to… And every thing I do to impress or to make him “see” me or hoping for a nice word or compliment it just fades when he sees only the wrong side of everything 😕

I am just hoping that is only a difficult period and it will go away soon🤞

You have any advices for me? I am trying to focus more on myself and my baby boy, Dominic hoping that if I just give him some time will be fine 😊❤️

Take care of yourself and waiting for your opinions and suggestions 🙏🤗

New on blogging

Hi there, I am Ali and I am new at all this blogging thing 😀, however I am confident that it will be a great journey ❤️💚💙 #zerotohero

Just started this because I have always liked to write and never had the confidence to do it, soo today I found my confidence boost and sayed “why not??” 😅 So here I am, probably I will write about my life, my opinions and everything that goes on in my mind 🤗 hope I will find here new friends and models to follow 😉 please be free to add some comms and helping notes, I would really appreciate it🤗

Have a lovely day and stay safe, with all that’s going on out there 💙